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There Are Three Different Types Of Hard Drives. The First Type Is Known As Parallel ATA (PATA(PARALLEL ATA) Hard Drive) Also Known As EDIE.

  • There Is A Older Standard Hard Drive That Uses 40 Pin Ribbon Cable As Its Connector.
  • The Cable Has Connection On Each End And One In The Middle Which Enables The Cable To Support Two Devices.
  • Such As Two Hard Drives Two CD ROM Drives Or A Combination Of One Of Each
  • The Cable Wire Is Called As PATA Cable
  • The Hard Drive That Is Connected To The End Of The Cable(Blue Coloured) Would Be Considered As Master Drive.
  • And The Hard Drive That Is Connected To The Middle Connector Would Be Considered The Slave Drive.
  • All The Mother Boards Have Two PATA Connection Interfaces, So We Can Connect 4 Drives For Two PATA Cables(CD ROM/HARD DRIVE)
  • The Latest Standard On These Drives Is Called ATA 133
  • Which Has A Data Transfer Speed Of 133 Megabytes PerSecond(133/Sec)
  • But PATA Drives Are DyingBreed(Stopped Using) And Has Largely Replaced By Faster Speeds Of SATA)


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