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Access Method : CSMA CD

CSMA CD Is A Media Access Control Method.The Full Form Of CSMA CD Is Carrier Sense Multiple Access With Collision Detection.Used In Ethernet Wired Connections(Local Area Network(LAN)).

Think Two Devices Trying To Communicate One And Another Using This Protocol.

Two Devices Here Are Two Ware Houses,Just Imagine.You Can See The Below Picture.

Two Warehouses Shipping Items To Each Other On A Single Road.

Before Ware House A Sends The Shipping Truck To Ware House B,They First Listen To See Whether The Road Is Free,This Is The Carrier Sense Part.

If The Road Is Busy,Ware House A Must Wait Until The Road Is Clear.

Once Ware House A Determines That The Road Is Free,They Send The Shipping Truck On Its Way.

If The Ware House B Sends The Shipping Truck At The Same Time And This Will Lead To A Collision.

The Warehouses Have The Ability To Detect Any Collisions On The Road And Thus They Will Know If The Trucks Have Collided.

After The Collision,Both The Ware Houses Start A Random Timer And Send Their Shipping Trucks Again After The Time Is Up.

If There Are Multiple Collisions, The Random Timer Is Increased Up to 16 Times Then The Shipping Is Discarded.


Here Warehouses Are Devices(Computers),Shipping Trucks Are Carriers Which Carries The Media(Document,Music Files Etc), Road Is A Medium A Single Information Transferring Way.Collision Is Hitting Each Other.


I Hope You Understood The Concept,I Gave You Example Of Two Warehouses Shipping Goods Through Shipping Trucks

On A Single Track Road.


Compare It With The Two Computers Sending And Receiving Files Through A Single Medium.


CSMA/CD Is The Mechanism Used In LAN( Local Area Network) To Coordinate Traffic, Minimize The Collisions That Occur And Maximize The Frames That Are Delivered Successfully.


CSMA/CD Is A Access Method.


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