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C Keyword, C Tokens, C Identifiers

C Keyword – Keywords Are The Words Whose Meaning Has Already Been Explained To The C Compiler.The Keywords Cannot Be Used As Variable Names Because If We Do So, We Are Trying To Assign A New Meaning To A Keyword, Which Is Not Allowed By The Computer.

There Are 32 Keywords In C.

Keywords Are Always Seen In White Color In C Language.

Example:- auto, break, case, char, const, continue, default, else, extern, float, for, goto, int, long, etc.


C Tokens – In a C Source Program, The Basic Element Recognized By The Compiler Is The Token. A Token Is A Source Program Text That The Compiler Does Not Break Down Into Component Elements.

C Tokens Includes Keywords, Identifiers, Constants, Strings, Special Symbols, And Operators.


C Identifiers –  Identifiers Or Symbols Are The Names You Supply For Variables, Types, Functions, And Labels In Your Program.Identifier Names Must Differ In Spelling And Case From Any Keywords.

We Cannot Use Keywords As Identifiers; They Are Reserved For Special Use.

Rules For Making Identifier Name-

  • The First Character Of An Identifiers Must Be An Alphabet Or An Underscore.
  • All Characters Must Be Letter Or Digits.
  • There Is No Special Characters Are Allowed Except The Underscore “_”
  • There Is No Two Underscores Are Allowed.
  • Dont Use Keywords As Identifiers.




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