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C-Functions – A Function Is A Self Contained Block That Carries Out A Specific Well Defined Task, It Is Always Enclosed By Opening And Closing Paranthesis{}.

Advantages Of Using These FUNCTIONS:-

  • The Main Use Of Using This Function Is Reusability, The Function Can Be Used By Many Other Programmers, Once If You Declare A Function That Function Can Be Called By Many Of The Programmers, That Function You Can Save It In Another files And In The Library Files.
  • The Length Of Source Program Code Can Be Reduced, Every time When You Write The Program It Increases The Source Code, The Code Of The Program Will Be Increasing, So For That, You Can Write Once The Function And You Can Save That Function In One Of The File, So You Just Call The Function Name It Reduces The Length Of The Source Program.
  • It Is Easy To Locate And Isolate The Fault Function. If Any Error Occurred In The Function¬† It Is Eay To Locate And Identify The Fault, Function Will Be Specified In A Particular Block If You Check Only That Particular Block It Will Be Easy For Programmer To Check The Fault.
  • It Facilitates Top-Down Moduler Programming, So The Function Is Always Follows The Top-Down Approach.


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