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Regular Expression Examples

Regular Expression Examples   Describe The Following Sets Of Regular Expressions {0,1,2}  {∧,ab} {abb,a,b} {∧,0,00,000....} {1,11,111,1111,......} How To Form Regular Expressions From Above Sets??   1.{0,1,2} This Is The Set Given Containing Symbols 0,1,2 That Means It Could Contain 0 Or 1 Or 2 These Are Symbols Contained In The Set.   In Regular Expression, It Can Be Written Like This R=0+1+2

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Regular Expression s

Regular Expression s Are Used For Representing  Certain Sets Of Strings In A Algebraic Function.   Rules 1) Any Terminal Symbol i.e Symbols ε, Σ Including ∧(Empty) And Φ(Phi) Are Regular Expresions. Example:- Input Symbols Like a,b,1,0,∧,Φ Are Regular Expresions   2) The Union Of Two Regular Expresions Is Also A Regular Expresion. Example-R1,R2 (R1,R2) Is A Regular Expresion.   3) The Concatenation Of Two

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