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Day 3: Operating System Services

There Are Many Services Provided By Operating System To The User And Programs. The Services May Differ From One Operating System To Another. The Following Are The Operating System Services That Are Provided To Make The Work More Convenient. 1. Program Execution The Operating System Help To Load A Program Into Memory

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Day 1: Operating System

Operating System Is A Program That Acts As Interface Between The User And The Computer Hardware. The OperatingSystem Provides And Environment For Execution Of Programs. Thus Operating System Makes The Computer System Easy To Use. An OperatingSystem May Be Viewed As An Organised Collection Of Softwares, Extensions Of Hardware, Consisting

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Day 1: Introduction To Operating System Concepts

Introduction To Operating System Concepts - What Operating System Do? , Computer System Organisation, Operating System Operation, Definitions. What Is an Operating System? A Program (Or) A Software Which  Acts As An Intermediary Between A User Of A Computer And The Computer Hardware. Operating System Goals To Execute User Programs To Make Solving

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