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Length Of String || Exact || At Most || At Least : Finite Automata Example

Construct Finite Automata Whose Length Of String Is Exact 2 Σ={a,b} // Input Alphabets   L={aa,ab,ba,bb} // Finite String abc is invalid string // the length of abc is 3   {Q,Σ,δ,q0,F}   Q={q0,q1,q2,qd} Σ={a,b} q0={q0} F={q2}   (ab) // String   δ=(QXΣ->Q) δ(q0,a)->q1 δ(q1,b)->q2 δ(q0,a)->qd δ(q0,b)->qd δ(qd,a)->qd δ(qd,a)->qd     b) at most 2 (Maximum 2)  // ('0','1','2') L={ε,a,b,aa,ab,bb,ba}         {Q,Σ,δ,q0,F}   Q={q0,q1,q2,qd} Σ={a,b} q0={q0} F={q0,q1,q2} δ=(QXΣ->Q)   c) at least ' 2 ' // should be 2 and more than two L={aa,ab,ba,bb,aba,bab......}   0,1 are rejected in this   Example ababb(Valid String)   ababb Is

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String Start With | End With | Contains : Finite Automata Example

We Will Understand How The Problems Ar Designed On Finite Automata And How These Problems Are Solved.   I'll Design Problem And I'll Show You Three Variations Of The Problem And I'll Show You How Finite Automata Changes With " Small Changes". First Point For You Is, You Have To Read The Problem And

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