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Day 3: Operating System Services

There Are Many Services Provided By Operating System To The User And Programs. The Services May Differ From One Operating System To Another. The Following Are The Operating System Services That Are Provided To Make The Work More Convenient.

1. Program Execution

The Operating System Help To Load A Program Into Memory And Run It. Thus, The Execution Of A Program Can Be Done Easily With The Help Of Operating System.

2.I/O Operations

Each Running Program May Request For I/O Operation And For Efficiency And Protection The Users Cannot Control I/O Devices Directly And Thus The Operating System Must Provide Some Means To Do I/O Operations.

3.File System Manipulation

Files Are The Most Important Part Which Is Needed By Programs To Read And Write And Files May Also Created And Deleted By Names Or By The Programs.


Many Times One Process Need To Exchange Information With Another Process, This Exchange Of Information Can Take Place Between The Processes Executing. On The Same Computer Or The Exchange Of Information May Occur Between The Process Executing On The Different Computer Systems, Ties Together By A Computer Network.

Communications May Be Implemented By The Technique Of Message Passing Or Shared Memory.

5.Error Detection

It Is Necessary That The Operating System Must Be Aware Of Possible Errors And Should Take The Appropriate Action To Ensure Correct And Consistent Computing.





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