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Day 1: Operating System

Operating System Is A Program That Acts As Interface Between The User And The Computer Hardware.

  • The OperatingSystem Provides And Environment For Execution Of Programs. Thus Operating System Makes The Computer System Easy To Use.
  • An OperatingSystem May Be Viewed As An Organised Collection Of Softwares, Extensions Of Hardware, Consisting Of Control Routines For Operating A Computer And Provides An Environment For Execution Of Programs.
  • The Two Benefits That Enhance The Utility Of OperatingSystem Are -Provision Of Security Of Information And Elimination Of Duplicate Efforts By Programmers In Developing Complicated Routines.
  • The OperatingSystem Provides The Means For The Proper Use Of The Resources In The Operation Of Computer System.
  • An OperatingSystem Can Be Viewed As A Resource Allocator. A Computer System Consists Of Many Resources Such As CPU, Memory. The OperatingSystem Acts As A Manager Of These Resources And Allocate Them To Specific Programs And Users As Necessary.



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